Restore Capital is a new type of investment firm…
Creating private investment strategies that enhance the economy and environment of our working lands and waters.

In the United States, our vast working lands and waters continue to be developed, depleted and degraded. These important natural resources face the twin challenge of maintaining their integrity for the benefit of our environment, and continuing to act as an economic engine for our rural communities.

As a result of the current economic crisis, traditional sources (public and philanthropic funds) are unable to adequately fund restoration efforts. In addition rural economies are suffering, forcing farmers to resort to more intensive land use practices and further depleting their already scarce resources.


Ecosystem Markets (ESM) apply a dollar value to environmental benefits that come from enhanced land & water practices changing the benefits from non-valued economic externalities into financially valued assets.

    Examples include:
  • Wetland Mitigation Credits – restoring nature’s water filters,
  • Water Quality Credits – reducing harmful nutrient runoff,
  • Biodiversity Credits – rebuilding endangered species habitats,
  • Carbon Offset Credits – sequestering excess carbon emissions.
  • In addition, Federal Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) subsidize beneficial land practices through the Farm Bill.

In the US over $3.7 billion worth of ESM credits (excluding carbon) within precompliance and regulated ESMs as well as targeted Federal Payment for Ecosystem Services programs have been transacted between 2008 and 2009.


Restore Capital’s Solution
    We create ESMs investment strategies with the following services:
  • Identify applicable Ecosystem Market (ESM) contracts for “on the ground” practices that can be financed,
  • Analyze regulatory drivers and timeline of these ESM revenue sources,
  • Fund ESM projects based on risk/return patterns of the contracts and associated revenue.
  • To learn more about our strategy, see our services page.